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Nutritional Healing and Immunity Boosting Foods, Spices, and Beverages

December 9, 2013

The Holidays are just days away. Every year many of us spend countless hours in preparation of grand meals and desserts only to end up with our celebrations cut short with an upset stomach. If you find tummy troubles, here are some helpful foods that you might want to stock up on that can offer you relief from an irritated stomach.

is often used to treat digestive problems such as gas, bloating, diarrhea and heartburn. Papaya’s natural digestive enzyme, papain, breaks down foods that may be irritating to the stomach. Just a half of a thinly sliced piece of this fruit will do the trick to

calm symptoms.


are not only fall favorites, but are good for fighting a queasy stomach because they are rich in enzymes and the soluble fiber, pectin, that help to break down stomach irritants from other foods. And as a bonus, also lowers cholesterol. Apples are best baked if you have a particularly sensitive stomach.

is a spice that can treat a number of tummy problems from morning sickness to diarrhea gas. It stimulates the digestive system, which moves foods along the digestive tract smoothly. You can simply make a plain cinnamon tea by adding
‘/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder to one cup of hot water and let stand for five minutes before drinking.

has been a go to tummy helper for a long time. Ginger ale has a history of being the remedy to settle an upset stomach. Why? Ginger is believed to reduce nausea and inflammation. If you don’t like the “fizzies” that come with the carbonation of ginger ale, try ginger tea or fresh ginger soaked in hot water for a few minutes.

Mint and thyme
are two herbs that stimulate digestion and move food smoothly through the digestive tract. Each of these can be used to make a simple tea to ease stomach cramps and relieve pressure caused by gas and bloating. You can also chew on mint leaves for relief.

Fennel or caraway seeds
can work wonders to improve digestion and to
ease gas and bloating. Add one teaspoon caraway or fennel seeds to one cup of boiling water and
cover and let steep for ten minutes. Strain, and

drink three cups a day on an empty stomach for best
results until you are feeling better. You can also
chew on the seeds after a meal to prevent stomach upsets.

Plain crackers work great to settle an upset
stomach because they are low in fiber and easy to digest, unless, of course you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity.

And you can continue to feel good all year long with these foods that can help boost your body’s immune system, keeping you from getting sick.

Broccoli. Two cups a week and your white blood cells could attack invading flu viruses as
vigorously as they did when you were a kid. Sulforaphane, a chemical found in broccoli,
switches on genes that strengthens your immune system.

Two six-ounce servings of seafood weekly can cut the lifespan of viruses by 42 percent. Seafood is packed with selenium and zinc, both immunity boosting nutrients.

Pink grapefruit can cut your risk of the flu as much as 20 percent. Pink grapefruit contains double the antioxidants of white grapefruit, and are packed full of antioxidants that kick-start the

growth of virus-killing immune cells.

is a herb packed with 70 sulfur compounds that fire up infection-fighting antibodies within 48 hours. One clove a day can do the trick. For best results, let chopped garlic sit on the cutting board for 10 minutes before cooking as the air allows the garlic’s sulfur compounds into their most active flu-fighting form.

Sweet potatoes are nature’s richest source of betacarotene, a nutrient that strengthens the respiratory tract lining so that even aggressive flu viruses have trouble sneaking through! Munch a half a cup daily and you can cut your risk of illness by 33 percent!

Mushrooms help energize sluggish white blood cells, doubling your ability to fight off flu viruses. And any mushroom will do the trick!

Greek Yogurt Your digestive tract produces 70 percent of your immune cells, making it a keyline of defense against the flu. Greek yogurt
contains the healing bacteria your digestive tract needs to function at its peak, but none of the immunity-weakening sugars found in regular yogurts. To cut your infection risk as much as 48 percent, enjoy one cup of Greek yogurt daily!

All of us here at the
Malenius Kingdom
wish all your celebrations

this year are full of great family, friends and lasting memories. As always, it is our goal as well as our mission statement to “Serve patients as a knowledgeable, fun, and gifted team, inspiring trust while making a difference with our patients and each other.” If you need us you can always contact us at 1-630-668-6180.


Holiday Travel Tips and Alzheimer’s Discovery

November 25, 2013

The Holidays are around the corner. Every year many of us spend countless hours in preparation and travel to celebrate and reconnect with family and friends. If you are the ones traveling, don’t let long lines, flight delays, lost luggage, traffic jams, crowds and other travel woes take away from the love and joy of this special season. So before you put on your hat and head out the door, you might want to consider a few travel tips to make your visit a great experience!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep the Night Before. Set a daily schedule so last minutes tasks like wrapping presents and packing bags aren’t keeping you up late. You may even want to consider shipping presents ahead of time. Seven to nine hours of sleep will result in a happier mood and less susceptibility to stress. You will also be less susceptible to contracting an illness on the plane or train because your body’s systems will have regenerated during sleep. If you do snooze on the trip, limit naps to 40 minutes at the most so you don’t end up in a groggy fog!

Avoid Heavy Baggage. Before you pack, lay out everything you are planning on taking and then step back and reconsider exactly what you will really need. Often people can cut down at least a third of the original pile. You don’t want to wrench your back, neck or shoulders carrying an overly heavy bag, or stress out about whether you can hoist it into an overhead compartment. Bring what you will be most comfortable in, and just get down to a basic wardrobe.

Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks. Don’t wait until you are starving, cranky and desperate for something to eat at an airport, train station or rest stop. Besides satisfying your hunger, eating regularly keeps your blood sugar levels steadier so you will be less anxious and irritable while traveling. Bring along snacks such as fruit or nuts. Stay away from dehydrating coffee or cola, and drink enough water to keep you well hydrated (at least a cup or two every three hours), but not so much that those restroom stops, stop you from reaching your destination. While we are on the subject, you might want to also avoid anything with red dye 4 also known as carmine or cochineal. The red dye is made from white boiled cochineal bugs, a type of beetle, that exudes a bright red color when it is crushed. So you might want to rethink that Skittles, Good n* Plenty, lemonade, grapefruit juice, and even ice cream!

Bring Along Your Own Entertainment. Why not take that book you have been eager to read, or an iPod or MP3 player with a soothing play list to help you mellow out along the way. Music can help dissipate any anxiety and tension, not to mention wearing earphones can help you tune out any unwelcome nearby noise.

Bring a Necessity Bag. Fill a small cosmetic bag with go to helpers such as hand sanitizer, tissues, gum or sugar free hard candy, nasal drops or decongestant, a pain reliever, compression stockings and anything else you might need to make your travels comfortable as possible. You may want to bring along a small tube of hand lotion with a soothing scent. For example, lavender aroma is known for it’s calming and relaxing affects.

Make Room for Downtime. It is smart to plan on getting to the airport or train station early so you are not racing against the clock to make your departure in the midst of long lines and crowded conditions. If you end up with some free time, even better. You may end up with time to take in a massage or take a brisk walk around the terminal to stretch out those legs and then actually relax during your trip.

Once you arrive at your destination you may find all that effort and hard work can provide you with the energy to truly enjoy the people and celebrations.

Speaking of your loved ones, especially aging parents that you only see a few times a year, you may notice changes, especially with memory. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between the normal changes that occur with aging and the signs of something more serious like Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association has an updated list of 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s that you may find helpful. 1) Memory loss that disrupts daily life. 2) Challengers in planning or solving problems. 3) Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure 4) Confusion with time or place. 5) Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships. 6) New problems with words in speaking or writing. 7) Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps. 8) Decreased or poor judgment. 9) Withdrawal from work or social activities. 10) Changes in mood and personality. If you have concern speak with your family doctor to learn more about Alzheimer’s and its treatment.

All of us at the Malenius Kingdom wish your Holidays are filled with smiles, laughter and great memories.


s always, it is our goal as well as our mission statement to “Serve patients as a knowledgeable, fun, and gifted team, inspiring trust while making a difference with our patients and each other.”

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